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New Year's and Other Random Thoughts

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes, New Year's in Seoul. A magical time of the year, where pretty much nothing is different than say, oh I don't know, ummmm April 10th. It was really hard to tell that December 31st was in fact New Year's Eve. There are other holidays that they take much more seriously such as Chuseok (their Thanksgiving), Foundation Day, Buddha's Birthday, and Chinese (Lunar) New Year. It was really cold also, I mean like really cold.

A group of about 15 of us headed in to Outback Steakhouse for dinner in Seoul which allowed me to follow through on the prediction I had made for myself earlier in the day. The prediction was that I would eat a steak, loaded baked potato, side of rice, side salad with bleu cheese and wash it all down with a Sam Adams. It's great when a plan comes together like this. After zeeee meal we met up with another 20 or so people and slowly made our way to Seoul City Hall where the New Year's festivities would take place. One of the things i thing I've forgotten to mention so far is that whenever we're in Seoul on the weekends, riot police line the major roads. Why? I have no idea, there's hardly ever any crime, so much so where none of the bars we go to have bouncers. Both sides of the street were lined with cops, but they're not very intimidating. Most of them look about 15 years old and they're always smiling, what the hell is up with that? Our group slowly started to dissipate as we were walking because it's basically impossible to keep 40 people together when there's about 1 million people surrounding you. One other thing, Koreans are pushy, really friggin pushy almost to the point where you want to turn around and take a swing at them. If you've got 1 million people shoulder to shoulder, where the hell do you expect to go? The answer is nowhere but apparently they don't understand this, I don't know why. After the celebrations Amanda and I were able to meet up with everyone else and we proceeded to head to Hongdae with is the college/ major bar area of Seoul. I'm sure you won't believe me when I tell you this but I was completely stone-sober at 2am. I know, you're all disapointed with me and I apologize but no worries because once we finally made it to a bar that wasn't completely overflowing with people, I caught up with everyone else. I also ate my first falafal (spelling?) and it was delicious. We left Seoul at around 6am and finally walked into my apartment at 730 and passed out at 8.

I'm currently in the first week of my 2 week winter camps at school. Korean school schedules are much different from U.S. schools. Our last real day of school was December 30th and then winter camps started on January 5th. Camps go through the 21st for me then I get two weeks of vacation and I get to spend it on Thailand which will be explained in a different blog. Then I'm back to work on February 3rd (took the 2nd off so I can watch teh Super Bowl which is on at 8am on Monday morning for us). But I won't have an classes to teach as far as I know until March 2nd when we're back to a normal full day school schedule. So from what I know right now, I'll just be sitting at my desk for almost a month basically watching movies and tv shows all day. Yes, I actually get paid to do this.

I watched Dark Knight yesterday for the 2nd time (saw it in the theater) and while this may be a little controversial this is the conclusion I've come to about Heath Ledger. I think he didn't have an accidental overdose, I think he killed himself. He knew that he would never have a better role/performance in his life and he wanted to go out with a BIG BIG BANG and he chose to do it right after the completion of the movie. Buzz was already building about his performance and he thought to himself "self, I don't want to do the sequel to 10 Things I Hate about you, so how bout we take a couple pills, drink a little vino and good to sleep." Call me crazy but this is what I think.

On that positive note I will say good day to you all.

As always,

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