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I had an epiphany Sunday afternoon about a money making venture that has the potential to play to the masses. It's definitely got franchise capabilities and can be used in many situations. High School, college, 30,40,50,60 somethings I feel would all be interested in what I'm trying to provide for them. My idea would be a delivery service which provides an all you can eat buffet. Each of my cook's would be known as Pepe, the name just came to me, I'm not one to argue with divine wisdom. I'll try to explain the vision that I had but it might get a little choppy, keep in mind this idea is only about 20 hours old. Below will be my ideal scenario of how I would want this to created. 
1. My store front would be located right in the heart of Boston, prefferably in the Fenway or Fanueil Hall area. 
2. My reason for location is that I would also provide a late night option of all you can eat for people leaving the bars who would be dealing with serious bouts of the munchies at that point. Yes I know there's the potential for mucho mess to be created so all tables would have plastic tablecloths and platic chairs, very low maintenance. This would only be available on game nights of Friday and Saturday nights during the offseason.  
3. My menu would consist of upwards of 59 different options of what you can choose from for your own personal buffet. There would be 4 types of ethnic food as far as categories covered.
                     -Continental (burgers, buff wings, steak, pulled pork, ribs, fried chicken, stuffed chicken, numerous side dishes)
                     -Italian (grilled pizza, pasta dishes, antipasto, sausage)
                     -Asian (includes Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai)
                     -Mexican (quesadillas, tacos, burritos, rice, loaded nachos, guacamole)
4. Dessert is also available but would be made at our store beforehand because baking takes too long, we would also make 10 different kids of homemade ice cream.
Now there would be several ways to order, first would be to go with one of the themes, such as only continental or Italian or Mexican. But ordering a la carte is also a possibility, so you could enjoy your own personal U.N. style fiesta. I would offer roughly 24 entree options among the 4 styles and then another 35 possible side dishes to choose from off the menu.
5. How this whole thing work is this: When you wanted to have a fully catered all you can eat buffet for whatever reason you want such as a Grad/frat/sorority/ holiday/anniversary/birthday/backyard/bar mitzvah/wedding/funeral party you would pick up the phone and call Pepe's. We send over one of our cooks (all named Pepe) in a refrigerator/mini kitchen van which would be loaded up with whatever you ordered. Pepe would then toss himself into your kitchen and go to town, the base price I'm thinking as far as per person is about $20. Now this covers 3 hours of Pepe and he would also be available for more hours but it would cost additional money.

Obviously there are a few kinks to work out here, namely trying to convince a bunch of cooks that they need to change their names to Pepe and then having them be able to make upwards of 60 different types of food. Admit it, this isn't as bad of an idea as you might've originally thought about. Ok, maybe it sucks but I think it's gotta chance especially put into a huge city/college town like Boston. Yes I just described Boston as a city and town in the same sentence. Thoughts, ideas, and comments are welcome on this idea.

I'll let you digest all of this,

Intrigued in Incheon


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Dec. 15th, 2008 01:35 am (UTC)
That sounds great! Im a young entreprenuer in the Boston area. I have been looking into opening some kind of food outlet. Thanks for the idea! How can I ever repay you? When you get back to Boston I'll give you a half-price soda.
Dec. 15th, 2008 01:53 am (UTC)
Re: Pepe's
Deal! And I'll give you a boot up your arse for free.
Dec. 16th, 2008 12:19 am (UTC)
sometimes your thoughts amaze me, dear brother.
let me know how this works out, perhaps we can become partners and make it a family business. let me know. love ya!
Dec. 18th, 2008 03:47 am (UTC)
Fantastic idea! Wide appeal. I'd invest. Don't need the eat-in option; raises your overhead especially since the real estate you identified is high-priced.

My goddaughter is rigth- you amaze me,too.

By the way, who needs a boot in the arse? I'd invest in that, too.
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