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Lay Lady Lay

I thought it was fitting that since Valentine's Day is tomorrow that this would be an appropriate time to introduce the blogosphere to my lady friend. Bob Dylan, one of my favorite musicians all time is credited for the title of the blog as Lay Lady Lay is an awesome song, chiggity check out the lyrics here if you're feelin froggy. http://www.lyricsfreak.com/b/bob+dylan/lay+lady+lay_20021168.html

Amanda and I met through a facebook group I belong to that was created when our group of teachers came over to Korea so we could discuss any and everything going on in the peninsula. She wanted some insider info on what was going on over here and I did my best to provide her with some info. We exchanged a few messages and I told her to touch base with me when she arrived and if she needed a tour I'd do my best to oblige. I'll be honest, when I saw a couple pics of her on facebook I thought she was pretty cute and very funny in her messages and I hoped that at some point she'd take me up on the tour offer. She arrived in early October and we kept missing each other, we'd send messages back and forth about grabbing drinks but usually the other person wasn't around a computer when the invite was sent. Most of us didn't have phones in our first month or so of being here so the internet was our only form of communication, kinda makes you appreciate cell phones, or phones in general a lot more. We finally met on Halloween night at a party that a bar was throwing for all of the foreign teachers in the area. I was dressed as a Man of Genius, we decided that the theme would be class and comfort. I had a bathrobe, dress pants, dress shoes, pimp hat and cigar, along with a book of quotes from Sir Winston Churchill. She got to the bar and was a sassily dressed Snow White. I don't think sassily is a word, but her costume was worthy of a new word. We both recognized each other and said hello, but let's be honest here, you can talk to someone online all ya want but there's always a slight touch of awkwardness in a first meeting. We talked for a few minutes here and there but conversation was difficult since the bar was packed. I ended up leaving early so I could get to the Fear Factor competition but before I left I told her to make the journey since it would probably be an amusing show having to watch me ingest silk worms and whatever else they threw at me. I got a call an hour later and it was Dynesy, she was lost in a cab and I offered to go meet her on the street. She came running across the street without her shoes on (she's never been a fan of heels) and we headed into the bar. The Fear Factor thing started, I eventually won and proceeded to gross out most if not all of the bar patrons. Looking back on it, if she was willing to talk to me after having been in that competition I should've known then I'd have a chance with her. The next week was a ball of tension as it was Election week in the States and I was in Obama mode. The weekend after the election, I was on the train home from playing bball with a bunch of Korean gangstas and I decided to shoot her a text and ask if she wanted to grab dinner. I didn't get a response back and chalked it up to another rejection. Later that night she was online and jokingly I gave her crap about ignoring me, she then told me she had responded but I didn't get the text. Apparently phones in Korea are retarded and you can only send 100 characters at a time, her text had been over that amount and that's why I hadn't received it. As I'm typing this now, I realize this might be really boring for you to read but deal with it, this little lady means a lot to me and I felt the need to tell this story. Not all of my blogs can be about drunken tomfoolery. 

We made plans for bbq and drinks and called it a night. At dinner, the conversation flowed easily and all the required questions were asked, friends, family, school, music, movies, blah blah blah, you get the idea. We ended up staying out much later than I had expected but I don't think either of us were complaining and I got a hug good night. Hey, atleast it wasn't a slap across the face right? We actually went out 3 times before we realized that they were infact dates, I've never been a quick one and she probably had one foot out the door each time we were together until she realized that I wasn't a complete psycho, just partial psycho. 

Time for the tale of the tape. She's 24, brown hair, killer brown eyes, awesome smile and her straight teeth make up for the massive gaps between mine. Rumor is the Titanic would've fit between my two front teeth. She's played soccer every year since she was basically born and played all 4 years while she was at her University. She's a certified elementary school teacher in Canada and is as good with kids as anyone I've ever seen. Some of her favorite movies include Pulp Fiction and The Usual Suspects. I've turned her into a Lost junkie and she's turned me into a fan of Jon Lajoie. check out these links:  
She's from an area just outside of Barrie, Ontario called Sugar Bush (I couldn't have made that up even if I tried) She's a die hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan, she's atleast heard of the Red Sox and I will begin to educate her on the greatest franchise in professional sports very soon. She's also probably one of the nicest people I've ever met and went above and beyond to make sure that a few of us had an awesome Christmas even though we were all a little homesick. I like her, I've decided to keep her around for a while, I think it's a good decision on my part, and one day she can become my sugar mama.

Happy V-Day peeps.

Intrigued in Incheon


Feb. 16th, 2009 09:21 am (UTC)
Re: You Sappy SOB
You can't blame a brotha for trying.

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