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Things I've Learned and Thailand

1. Seaweed soup is a great way for women to produce breast milk
2. Eel is good for booosting sexual power in men
3. When a child is born a family will hang a rope strung with red peppers and charcoal around the mother's bed in the hospital. Red Pepper is for a boy and charcoal is for a girl. once the child is born they will either remove the pepper or charcoal depending on the sex of the child.
4. If a Korean soldier gives shoes as a present to his girlfriend when he is leaving to serve in the military, he's basically telling her she can walk out of the relationship and find a new man.
5. If you have chickes on your farm in Korea and they are loud, it will lower your home value and bring shame upon the woman of the household. Apparently women over here not only need to take care of their men but the chickes as well.
6. American cars are almost impossible to find over here, one reason is because they are incredibly expensive to import the other? They suck when it comes to the environment. Most Koreans care more about global warming and greenhouse gases than driving around a Jeep Wrangler that gets 15 mpg.
7. Male Korean students act like female American students. They play with each other's hair, wear more pink than Didi from Grease and have been known to lie down with their heads in their friend's laps. Ok, so maybe female students don't do the last one in America but it's just weird.
8. When the school is on winter vacation (9 weeks) we are still required to come to school everyday 830-430 and do nothing, but yet I am the only one here right now. The only exception to this is when we actually get to go on vacation. Case in point I will be on a plane to Thailand in 23 hours and 25 minutes.
9. Koreans are incredibly lazy when it comes to cooking, very rarely will the chop up their vegetables, and they NEVER remove the bones from fish when cooking it. The word filet is completely unknown to these people. Try taking a bite into a nice peice of herring and feeling 50 tiny bones puncturing the roof of your mouth.
10.Koreans invite me out to dinner with them just to see if I'm capable of using chopsticks.  They then wait to see me drop food on my lap or spill something. They have been disapointed thus far, Boo Yah!

Thailand is tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it, it's going to be nice to get away from the peninsula for a little while. Almost all of the teachers that I came over here with have either left or will be leaving by the end of the week. Some people have gone to Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and China. From what I've seen the average weather on a day in Thailand this time of year is about 85 degrees, mostly sunny with a little wind. We've been able to secure a hotel room at the Trang Hotel for the first night and it's only costing us about $12 per person. We'll be spending atleast 2 nights in Bangkok and then move down to a beach which is roughly an hour away. That's where it'll get a little expensive though, typically it costs about $7 a night to stay there, luckily I've been saving my money. Some of the things we can do while there are cliff and scuba diving, elephant rides in the jungle, ping pong shows and cobra shows. English is one of the dominant languages there so communication should be much easier there than it is here which is a very good thing.

One last thing: Barack Obama is now the President of the United States of America!!!!!!!

Fucking A that's amazing.

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